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Players, Fans Slam Michael Sam for Kissing Boyfriend (Video)

Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the NFL on Saturday when he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

Sam, a co-defensive player of the year in the Southeastern Conference, kissed his boyfriend during a live broadcast on ESPN when he got the news (video below).

It was a historical moment, which many have compared to when the Rams signed Kenny Washington, the first black football player in the modern era of the NFL, back in 1946.

However, Miami Dolphins player Don Jones responded to the historical moment by tweeting "OMG" and "horrible."

Jones' tweets were later deleted.

"I was made aware of it and I was disappointed in those comments," Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey told ABC News on Saturday. "That's not what we stand for as an organization. The draft weekend is a culmination for so many players, their lifetime achievement of their dream to achieve a goal for Michael Sam and all the other players. It's a celebration... I think it's a great thing for the league."

Derrick Ward, a former running back for the New York Giants, also tweeted negatively about Sam, specifically the kiss, noted Gawker.

Ward tweeted, "Man u got little kids looking at the draft. I can't believe ESPN even allowed that to happen."

After some folks on Twitter reacted negatively to Ward's comment, he tweeted: "Gotta love twitter! I've never seen so much hate towards another persons comments in my life. I guess the power of words are meaningful." reported more negative tweets about Sam:

I did not wanna see Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend like the freak.

Do we really need to see the video of Sam kissing his bf????

Was happy to see Michael Sam get drafted but they didn't have to show him and his bf kissing.

I don't have a problem with Sam being gay. Be gay. I have a problem with ESPN showing Sam kissing his bf 5,492 times.

Espn special: an hour of Michael Sam crying with his f— boyfriend.

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