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Playboy Model Sues Surgeon For Botched Implants

A Playboy cover model who has had plastic surgery more than 60 times says she was left with a rotting rear end after an implant surgery went wrong.

Sabrina Sabrok, a Playboy model and porn actress, is suing her surgeons after a botched implant surgery, according to media reports. She says her implants are decomposing inside her buttocks.

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Now, the model says she cannot walk in high heels or exercise because there is a chance it could cause gangrene. 

"The liquid from the prosthesis is leaking and it might be infected," Sabrok told the Daily Mail. "The liquid might leak to my legs and later it could cause gangrene. I cannot walk in high heels, and I cannot do exercise."

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Sabrok, born Lorena Fabiana Colotta, says she first realized there was a problem when she felt intense pain in her backside. She then went to see her surgeon to find out what was wrong.

"He drained me and pulled out liquid and blood, but a week later, I started to feel bad again and I had to take painkillers," she said.

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Sabrok is suing her surgeon, identified as Vicente Garcia Gonzalez, for the amount to cover a new procedure to repair her buttocks, the Daily Mirror reports.

"These implants lasted around seven years when they are supposed to last for 20 years," she said. "The surgeon told me they were good quality but according to an MRI scan they are not good quality. I am worried about it and I want the doctor to pay me."

Sources: Daily MailDaily Mirror / Photo Credit: Sabrina Sabrok/Instagram via Daily Mirror

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