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Burglars Try To Get Away From Plastic Surgeon Who Caught Them Stealing From His Home (Video)

A Houston, Texas plastic surgeon was returning home from a trip with his daughter in the car when they spotted a truck backing out of his driveway. Instead of leaving it alone, the surgeon decided to take matters into his own hands and chase the car down.

When the surgeon started to chase down the three men in the truck, he knew he was going after burglars because of a recent string of home invasions in his neighborhood. When the burglars realized that they were being followed, they became aggressive and started to back into the surgeon’s car.

As the doctor’s daughter filmed the entire ordeal, the burglars quickly turned the car around and crashed into the surgeon’s car head on, landing themselves in a ditch. In the midst of all that, the surgeon had already called the police, so when authorities arrived right after the crash, they were able to arrest two of the suspects. A third one got away on foot.

“I’m tired of these people taking advantage of us,” said the anonymous surgeon. “We’re not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood.”

The surgeon says that he was able to recover some of the stolen items from the back of the truck he followed, but he wasn’t able to get back everything the burglars stole. The daughter who filmed the ordeal reportedly went to the hospital to be treated for whiplash, but she was released a short time later.

Check out the crazy chase and crash below.


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