Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Against Indiana Because Of 'Irrational' Clinic Requirements


Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit Thursday against an Indiana law requiring clinics that administer the RU-486 “abortion pill” to have full surgical facilities— a mandate the clinic stated would halt abortion services at one Lafayette location.

“Today’s lawsuit comes as no surprise because Planned Parenthood wants to protect its abortion business,” said Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fitcher. “If Planned Parenthood truly cared about women’s health, they would desire all abortion facilities … to meet a basic standard.”

The RU-486 pill accounted for about one quarter of American abortions performed before nine weeks of gestation, according to Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research group.

The law would require clinics to have separate procedure, recovery and scrub rooms beginning Jan. 1. The law exempts physician’s offices from following the standard as long as abortions are not the predominant service provided or “abortion pills” primary medication supplied.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, which seeks a federal court injunction, called the law "irrational." The suit reads that the requirement violates a woman’s constitutional right to privacy, equal protection and right to due process.

Supporters of the law say it will protect women’s health.

The Lafayette clinic provided 54 non-surgical abortions in the past 12 months, each of which was performed before nine weeks of pregnancy. The clinic also provided contraception more than 10,000 times.

If the Lafayette location were to close, the next available abortion provider would be more than 60 miles away.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Life News


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