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Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Is Locked Out Of Cockpit (Video)

A Delta Air Lines flight traveling from Minneapolis to Las Vegas faced an unusual problem on Thursday when the pilot got locked outside of the cockpit.

The pilot had reportedly taken a bathroom break, but wasn't able to get back into the cockpit. He walked up and down the aisle explaining the situation to the 168 passengers (video below).

"My heart started pitter-pattering a lot faster absolutely, and honestly my palms were a little bit sweaty," passenger Jonathan Thalacker told KTNV (video below).

"Some people were gasping, I heard some people saying, 'Oh my gosh what are we going to do?' You know, praying, holding hands, and stuff like that," added Thalacker.

"About half way through [the 2.5-hour flight] there seemed to be some talking at the front of the plane," passenger Jesse Dougherty told ABC News. "You could see the captain out there. There wasn't a huge panic but some confusion."

The co-pilot, a former Air Force pilot, ended up making an emergency landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Dougherty recalled that the passengers applauded the safe landing. However, the plane did have to be towed from the runway to a boarding gate.

The door was reportedly jammed with a piece of string.

Sources: ABC News, KTNV
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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