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Plane Crashes Into Parachuting Man (Video)

WWII veteran Shannon Trembly, 87, was recently flying “touch and go” drills with his Cessna plane when skydiver John Frost was landing nearby in a parachute.

The plane's propeller cut through the parachute strings in dramatic pictures taken by photographer Tim Telford in Mulberry, Fla., reports 13 WHAM (video below).

After he lost his parachute, Frost was tossed to the ground, but escaped serious injuries, notes ABC News.

The plane crashed into the ground nose-first, but Trembly was not seriously injured.

In another bizarre-but-true moment, an unidentified man chased and jumped onto a truck that had driven past a police check point in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, reports Business Insider (video below).

The man eventually got into the truck's cabin and pulled the vehicle to a stop last Friday.

Sources: Business Insider, ABC News, 13 WHAM


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