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Two Injured In Plane Crash In California (Video)

Two Injured In Plane Crash In California (Video) Promo Image

Shocking video footage has surfaced online of the aftermath of a plane crash in California (video below).

The crash occurred on June 30 on Interstate 405 near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, the Daily Mail reported.

Commuter Mirza Baig was driving along the highway when the crash occurred. He stopped his vehicle to help pull passengers from the wreckage.

In the video, an elderly man is seen being dragged away from the flames by other commuters. He appears to have blood all over his face. Another elderly woman is seen and appears to be badly injured, as well.

Both passengers, believed to be in their 50s or 60s, were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for "traumatic injuries," according to Orange County Fire Captain Larry Kurtz. The video ends before emergency responders arrive at the scene.

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Officials said the pilot declared an emergency shortly after the plane left John Wayne Airport, and attmepted to return.

"We have a mayday! We have a mayday!" the pilot was heard saying, according to an online recording of air traffic control radio communications. "I'm trying to get a little altitude. I just lost my right engine!"

Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Ian Gregor said they are working with the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the crash. He said some of the circumstances surrounding the crash remain "unknown."

Kurtz said the plane clipped a pickup truck when it crashed on the freeway.

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“You know as well as I do know all the traffic problems on the 405 no matter where you are, and for a plane to actually land on the freeway and only clip one vehicle is extraordinary, and the fact that the person in the vehicle also was pretty much uninjured is also extraordinary,” Kurtz during a news conference, according to KCAL. “I talked to the individual (in the truck) and he said it definitely was a shock to him to suddenly see a plane on the freeway. But the great thing is that no other vehicle was involved and right now all we have is a plane on the freeway.”

Both injured passengers are being treated at an Orange County medical center for major injuries, but are expected to survive. John Wayne Airport issued a statement on the incident.

“Information that we have is that their injuries were not life threatening and they were transported to hospitals,” said spokeswoman Deanne Thompson.

Sources: Daily Mail, KCAL / Photo credit: Orange County Archives/FlickrTwitter via Daily Mail, Instagram via Daily Mail

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