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Harrison Ford Almost Crashes Into Passenger Jet

Actor Harrison Ford almost crashed his single-engine plane into a Boeing 737.

It happened on Feb. 13 at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, reports the Daily Mail.

The 74-year-old Hollywood star mistakenly landed on a taxiway, just missing an American Airlines 737 loaded with more than 100 passengers and a six-person crew. "Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?" he reportedly asked Air Control during the near-miss.

The following day, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the details of the incident and announced that it was under investigation, reports The New York Times.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said that landing on a taxiway is a violation of federal safety rules, and pilots who violate agency regulations could face penalties ranging from a warning letter to having their licenses suspended or revoked.

Ford spends some of his fortune on collecting vintage planes, one of which he crashed in 2015.
On that occasion, the engine of his World War II-era aircraft reportedly failed and he plummeted into a Santa Monica golf course, suffering head injuries and a broken arm.

In 2000, another of his airplanes was blown off the runway while landing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Neither he nor his passenger were injured in the incident, however.

He also crashed a helicopter in 1999, making an emergency landing in a dry riverbed in Santa Clarita, California. Brushing it off as nothing, he said the accident gave him an excuse to buy a new helicopter.

"I'm so passionate about flying, I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger," he said in a 2010 interview with the Daily Mail. "Flying is like good music: it elevates the spirit and it's an exhilarating freedom. It's not a thrill thing or an adrenaline rush; it's engaging in a process that takes focus and commitment."

Sources: Daily Mail, The New York Times / Photo credit: U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia Commons

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