Pizza Parlor Offers 15 Percent Discount for Customers Carrying Guns

At All Around Pizzas and Deli in Virginia Beach, Virginia, customers who bring in a gun or show a gun permit will get 15 percent off their order.

Owner Jay Laze told HamptonRoads.com that he got the idea from an ice cream shop in Utah which offered a similar discount.

"It's been awesome," said Laze, who claims that 80 percent of his customers have walked in carrying a gun since he offered the discount last week, including one carrying an AK-47.

Laze said he'd thought about offering the discount for a limited time, but "it might be permanent if people like it that much."

In Virginia, it is legal to carry a gun into banks, hospitals, stores, movie theaters and restaurants. Open-carry has always been allowed in bars, with no prohibitions on drinking. However, concealed carry is not legal where alcohol is served.

All private businesses and landowners in Virginia can prohibit guns on their property, concealed or open-carry. If guns aren't allowed, then signs must be prominently posted that say so.

Source: HamptonRoads.com


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