Pizza Hut Singapore Apologizes to Woman Whose Receipt Said 'Pink Fat Lady'


A Pizza Hut in Singapore is investigating – and apologizing – after one of its customers claims she was handed a receipt for her order that contained the hand-written insult, “Pink Fat Lady,” at the bottom of it, reports Yahoo News.

“Aili Si,” as she is known on Facebook, posted a photo of the receipt on her Facebook page, along with the caption: “I don’t think it is nice of your staff to describe me as such on my receipt … As a customer I definitely hope to be treated with basic respect deserved by any others. I hope to receive an apology from the staff and Pizza Hut.”

Aili reportedly purchased two pizzas at the chain’s Bukit Merah restaurant on Sunday. Her post has been shared more than 240 times and inspired a number of users to rush to her defense.

One Facebook user named “Rita Nld” wrote, “Starbucks staff ask for their customers’ name or how to address their customers. This is plain rude and judgmental. Definitely unacceptable!” Another user named “Joy Crystal Polparut” wrote, “Everyone deserved a simple basic respect. Be it an average person or a plus size person.”

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But some Facebook users weren’t so quick to slam the fast food establishment. A user named “Kalen Bocelli” reminded others that, “The description by the staff is rude and uncalled for. However, it is also wrong to shame the whole company just because of one/a handful of staff.”

To its credit, Pizza Hut responded swiftly. The chain sent Aili the following reply, “Hi Aili Si, this definitely rocked us in our seats. That should not have happened at all and we feel that we cannot begin to appropriately apologise to you at this point, but we are, indeed, sorry for this. We’re glad you brought this to our attention. Our team is keen on finding out further details of this incident in order to launch an investigation.”

Pizza Hit Singapore posted a public apology on its Facebook page, as well, and wrote, “We will take corrective measures to continuously improve our standards and consistency in our service and hospitality.”

Source: Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Facebook


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