Pizza Hut Employees Reportedly Celebrate NYE At Work By Hitting A Bong And Filming It (Video)


Being stuck at work on New Year’s Eve isn’t the ideal way to spend the night. So when a group of Pizza Hut employees in Cypress, California, had to spend Dec. 31 making pizzas, they reportedly took the opportunity to celebrate in their own special way -- by getting high (video below).

The employees took turns taking bong rips at the fast food chain and filming it, Mashable reports.

Once the YouTube video went viral, many wondered how many health code violations they may have broken. Others, however, were supportive of the Pizza Hut workers.

“Bold marketing campaign," YouTube user CheezitsChrist wrote. "Your move, Domino's."

“In order to sell pizza to people who are stoned, you must be stoned yourself," user Alex Farnsworth wrote. "Where do you think all those crazy Taco Bell ideas come from? Sober people?”

Sources: Mashable, OMGVideos/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot

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