Pizza Hut Bribing Customers for Good Reviews?


A man picking up a pizza at his local Pizza Hut found a typed note on his box promising to knock a $1 off his next purchase if he went online and gave their store good reviews.

Consumerist published a tip from a reader named Jared who found the highly detailed and over-punctuated note on his pizza box. The note insisted “Only 5’s count (Selecting Strongly Agree)” and that the customer must bring in a printed copy of the survey’s last page in order to get the $1 discount.

Consumerist did not indicate which Pizza Hut store Jared visited, not even the state in which it is located.

The entire note said:

$1 OFF Next purchase

your next order for taking our survey! Just go online, take the survey and print the last page of your survey (shows “thank you for your feedback) or print the e-mail you will receive after you complete the survey (typically will say “we’re sorry… but you are not todays instant winner”), show it to us and we will give you $1 off your order. It’s that easy! Only 5′s count (Selecting Strongly Agree) so please give 5′s if you liked us!! It helps us out and is a credit to our store. Thank You!

Sources: Inquistr, Consumerist


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