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Pizza Delivery Man Caught Peeing In Apartment Elevator (Video)

After a pizza delivery man was caught peeing in a Queens apartment building elevator, a news crew tracked him down and got him to apologize.

According to reports, a surveillance camera in the apartment building’s elevator captured footage of the man urinating after delivering a pizza. The building manager at Mitchell Gardens was furious when he saw the footage and decided to reach out to a local news station to help him track down the delivery driver from Coppola’s Pizza after police told him they couldn’t do anything about it.

“We have a 130 cameras and we see what’s going on,” Lenny Rintel, the building’s manager, told WPIX. “It’s not so nice when someone just stand there and pisses.”

Armed with a camera, a WPIX news crew went to the restaurant and found the delivery man, reportedly named Vinnie, sitting at a table. As soon as he saw one of the cameramen, he allegedly ran to the back to hide in the kitchen.

At first, the restaurant manager allegedly changed his story three times. One time, he claimed he knew nothing about the incident. Another time, he reportedly admitted to knowing about it and claimed he tried to go to the building to talk to Rintel about it himself. A third time, he denied that the man in the surveillance footage was Vinnie.

Finally, the news crew convinced Vinnie to come out from the kitchen and apologize for his actions.

“I apologize,” Vinnie reportedly said. “I apologize to you.”

Rintel says he accepts Vinnie’s apology and hopes he learned a lesson from this experience.

“I think the kid maybe learned a really strong lesson,” Rintel said. “Maybe it won’t happen again.”

Sources: The Blaze, WPIX / Photo Source: The Blaze


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