Florida Cockfighting Ring Busted Following Pizza Delivery (Photos)

Florida man Eliut Juse Serrano Hernandez, 38, was arrested on Monday after a pizza delivery driver notified police that Hernandez was connected to a rooster fight.

When deputies arrived at the home in Winter Haven, Florida, they discovered a cockfighting ring, ceramic rooster spurs and 123 roosters and chickens, according to WFTV.

“We really appreciate this pizza delivery driver calling us,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “Frankly, I can’t understand why someone should ask for a pizza delivery during an illegal cock fight. It’s pretty funny when you think about it.”

Deputies also discovered nine  of the 60 roosters found that had been bred on site. Their roosters’ combs and spurs had reortedly been removed. The cockfighting ring had feathers on the inside from previous fights and a table used to trim rooster spurs.

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In the fridge, bottles from Mexico were discovered that were clearly marked for cockfighting.

Two other residents of the home, Oscar Feliciano Agudo, 42, and Christiane Ann Moser, 38, were also arrested.

Hernandez admitted that the ring and all the roosters were his, according to News Chief. He was charged with nine counts of possession of animals for the purpose of fighting, four counts of possession of equipment for fighting or baiting animals, and one count of leasing property to fight animals. Both Agudo and Moser were arrested on drug charges.

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Hernandez later admitted to fighting roosters on his property and claimed the animals as his own. However, he argued that he had only ha the birds fight one or two times.

All 123 roosters and chickens have since been confiscated and will be held until they can be euthanized.

Sources: News Chief, WFTV

Photo Credit: News Chief


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