Pizza Delivery Guy Accuses Alexis Wright of Stripping For Him When he Delivered Food

A woman known as “Zumba madam” allegedly stripped in front of a Maine pizza delivery man after he went to her apartment to give her an order of spaghetti and meatballs.

Alexis Wright is currently in court for 109 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges after she provided sex for money at her fitness studio and office.

Dan Racaniello, the manager of a pizza shop in Kennebunk, Maine, testified in court that Wright met him at her door only wearing a towel after she had just taken a shower.

When she invited him inside, she began sifting through her purse to get his money. But then she dropped her towel.

“She was standing there in front of me, naked,” Racaniello said. “I looked away, and when I looked back, she was still standing there naked. It was awkward.”

He said he didn’t have sex with her or say anything. She paid him $40 for the $8 order and he left.

He said the 400% tip “made [his] day.”

His testimony came on the day evidence was presented in the trial of Mark Strong Sr., who is accused of helping Wright run the prostitution ring out of her Pure Vida fitness studio.

Wright’s sex ring allegedly catered to more than 150 clients in the community, some being prominent local figures.

Strong’s attorney attempted to have Racaniello’s testimony thrown out as it was not related to prostitution, but the judge said part of his testimony explained he saw strange men visiting the dance studio during off-hours.

In another testimony, Wright’s previous landlord said he heard and saw different men coming in and out of her apartment. He also saw used condoms, sex toys and video cameras at the space.

Strong is facing 59 misdemeanor charges, including one accusation that he helped her videotape sexual encounters at her studio.

They are both pleading not guilty.



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