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Pittsburgh Residents Ticketed for Parking in Their Driveways (Video)

Some Pittsburgh residents are getting tickets and warning letters from Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Building Inspection for parking in their own driveways.

Apparently the law requires people to park their cars at least 30 feet from the street, but many people do not have a long enough driveway.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor says the obscure driveway law began back in ‘50s or ‘60s (video below).

"It’s a pretty ridiculous problem, actually. If you’re a couple feet into your own personal driveway, there shouldn’t be a problem,” O’Connor told CBS Pittsburgh.

He says people can also get ticketed “because you have to have what is called an occupancy permit. The funny thing about that is, we don’t tell you need an occupancy permit.”

O’Connor claims one family ended up paying a $2,400 fine and that's why he wants get the recent tickets voided.

He is also pushing the Pittsburgh City Council to get rid of the occupancy permit rule and change the 30-foot parking rule.

Some residents are so fearful about getting tickets for parking in their driveways that they are parking on the street.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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