Pittsburgh Police Officer Vernon Gibson Arrested After Allegedly Driving Drunk To Work


A police officer in Pittsburgh is in trouble with the law after being arrested for driving drunk to work. He’s been placed on administrative leave.

Police say Officer Vernon Gibson is facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The 38-year-old Gibson reportedly pulled into work in the parking lot of the Municipal Courts Building late Friday evening, and a police sergeant was waiting to take him to UPMC Mercy Hospital for mandatory random drug and alcohol testing.

When he got into the sergeant’s car, Sgt. Sean Duffy “immediately noticed his eyes were bloodshot, glassy and watery” and that he smelled of alcohol, according to the criminal complaint, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The criminal complaint also notes that at the hospital, Gibson was given two breath tests 15 minutes apart, and “the lowest of the two readings was 0.128 percent.” The legal limit for driving in Pennsylvania is 0.08.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also notes that it’s the second time in two years that Gibson has faced criminal charges. The six-year veteran of the force was charged two years ago with felony insurance fraud and was sentenced to a first-time offender’s program that required him to complete community service.

Acting Pittsburgh Police Chief Regina McDonald has placed Gibson on administrative leave. She reportedly wouldn’t say if the leave was paid or unpaid.

Sources: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CBS Pittsburgh


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