Man Accuses Police Of Tasing Him While He Was Praying Over His Dead Son (Video)


A Reverend in Pittsburgh was reportedly tased by police while performing a near-sacred act: he was in the hospital praying for his stepson, who had been shot and killed that day.

Rev. Earl Baldwin and his wife have reportedly filed a federal civil rights suit against police after he says he was restrained and then tased while in the emergency room of UPMC Mercy Hospital on June 24, 2012, praying for 23-year-old Mileek Grissom, reports Raw Story. Baldwin says Grissom was shot earlier that day while trying to break up a fight.

“I needed to tell him his family was going to be OK,” Baldwin said. “I was going to do everything I could to make sure they were OK.”

The young man’s mother, Tori Grissom, was reportedly not allowed to enter the hospital.

The police are not commenting about this incident, but are required to make a statement within a few days, reports Channel 11 News.

Meanwhile, hospital officials claim Baldwin’s story is not entirely true. They say he reportedly tried to get in the way of doctors’ attempts to revive his stepson.

“Clearly this was a stressful situation and a tragic loss for this family,” UPMC Mercy Hospital said in a statement. “However, the allegations about the circumstances are inaccurate.”

Baldwin’s attorney, Joel Sassone, says the video clearly shows the man was already dead and that doctors were not treating him.

Sources: Raw Story, Channel 11 News

Photo Credit: YouTube


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