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Pittsburgh Cop Pulls Woman's Hair, Punches Her at Gay Pride Festival (Video)

A video has surfaced of a Pittsburgh police officer pulling a woman's hair and punching her at the city's gay PrideFest festival yesterday.

An unidentified bystander filmed the incident on their phone (video below).

WPXI-TV reports that the woman, identified as Ariel Lawther, was arrested and charged on several counts, and later, posted a $5,000 bail and was released from jail.

According to the police report, Lawther was involved in a skirmish with a man, Eric Moore. The police officer claims that he tried to break up the fight, but was pushed and kicked.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto called for "fairness" during a press conference this morning and said there would be an investigation of the incident.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Delta Foundation, a LGBT advocacy organization, issued a statement:

Following an extremely successful Pittsburgh Pride 2014 which included record crowds all weekend, the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh was concerned to learn about a video of an incident between a City of Pittsburgh Police officer and an attendee.

We are working closely with Mayor Bill Peduto's office, Public Safety Director Stephen A. Bucar, Acting Chief Regina McDonald, the Office of Municipal Investigations, and the Citizen Police Review Board to review the incident and take appropriate action.

Sources: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and WPXI-TV


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