Pit Bull Mauls Veterinary Clinic Worker Laura Miller, Arm Amputated


A vicious Pit Bull attack on a veterinary worker at Parkway Animal Hospital in Panama City, Florida, required amputation of the 43-year-old woman's arm, according to theMiami Heraldon July 21.

Laura Miller, 43, was cleaning cages at Parkway Animal Hospital, Florida, on Thursday at about 5:00 p.m. when the dog unexpectedly grabbed her underarm in its jaws and began “violently shaking her,” Bay County Sheriff's Office confirmed.

Two other female staff members came into the kennel and saw the five-year-old male Pit Bull violently shaking Laura Miller. The Pit Bull would not release the woman's arm, so the employees kicked and hit the dog until it finally let go and they struggled to get it back into its cage and secure it.

"The workers said they had to fight the dog to have him let go of her,' Sheriff's spokesperson Ruth Corley told MailOnline, 'It was very bloody, there was blood everywhere."
Karen Collier, owner of Parkway Animal Hospital, told authorities that the Pit Bull "had been staying at the kennel for almost two weeks and was never aggressive during previous visits." According to a later report by theDaily Mail, the Pit Bull had been boarded at the clinic for nine days.

Ms. Miller was rushed to Bay Medical Center. A hospital spokeswoman said she was "in guarded condition in the intensive care unit."  Doctors were later forced to amputate what was left of her arm at the shoulder because it was so badly mauled by the dog. There were also bites to her neck and upper body.

She suffered extensive blood loss and did not gain consciousness until late on Saturday, according to theDaily Mail, at which time she provided a statement to investigators. .

Laura Miller is originally from Panama City and has no family in the area, according to her statement.

ThePanama City News Heraldreported that Animal Control took possession of the Pit Bull immediately and will determine whether it has a history of violence and/or if it has already been deemed vicious.

The Pit Bull's owners were on vacation at the time of the attack, but they could face criminal charges if there is evidence that they knew the animal was dangerous.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation of the incident. Laura Miller is now listed in stable condition.

Panama City is located on the panhandle of northwest Florida on St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City is as a popular tourist area.





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