Pit Bulls Owner Michelle Nelson of New Mexico Killed by 1 of Her 12 Dogs (VIDEO)


The Valencia County Sheriff’s Department has identified the woman attacked and killed on Friday morning by one of her 12 Pit Bulls as Michelle Nelson, 41.

The incident occurred in Jarales, N.M., just south of Belen and part of the AlbuquerqueMetropolitan Statistical Area.

The fatal mauling happened around 5:30 p.m. when Nelson reportedly went into an outdoor pen and was breaking the ice out of a water bowl. (Weather.com showed that the low during that night was around 20-degrees F., with the high during the day reaching less than 40 degrees.)

The woman had 12 Pit Bulls kept outside in pens, according to KRQE News. The sheriff's department says that's where one of the Pit Bulls attacked her.

Deputies say Nelson's son came home and found his mother's body with the dog close by. (An earlier report said that the attacking dog was still on top of the woman’s body.) The Sheriff’s office states that the son shot and killed the dog.

Deputies say all 12 of the dogs belonged to the woman, and they're looking into whether she was a breeder.

"They are Pit Bulls, but there is no indication that they were bred for or were fighting," Valencia County Sheriff Louis Burkhard told KRQE News 13.

At this point deputies say it does not appear that anyone will be facing charges since the victim was the owner of the dog.

According to KOB.com, all of the dogs were confiscated and impounded. The sheriff says it will be up to animal control to determine if the woman had the proper licensing to have all of the dogs.

Source: KRQE, KOB


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