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Pit Bull Kills Girl's Pomeranian at Kids' Soccer Game

While a nine-year-old girl watched, a Pit Bull suddenly grabbed her beloved Pomeranian and killed it as she held the little dog’s leash at a children’s soccer game in Roswell, New Mexico.

Familieswith young children at the Saturday event atCielo Grande Park witnessed the gruesome attack andflooded the soccer field in shock, according to a KRQE News report. The bloody incident turned a day of fun into tragic chaos and occurred right after a photo was taken of the Pomeranian sitting obediently in her miniature lawn chair, looking adoringly at the little girl.

“All the children on the field were screaming, parents, spectators, everybody in between, it was just a big scene,” Lisa Pickard, the dog owner’s mother, toldKRQE News 13. She said she was walking with her daughter across the soccer field after her 6-year-old son’s team had just won the game. When they passed the Pit Bull, it suddenly lunged forward and tore the little dog and its leash from the girl’s grip. Ms. Pickard said she grabbed the leash to try to pull Princess out of the Pit Bull’s crushing jaws, but the tiny dog was already dead.

The Pit Bull was reportedly brought to the game by a family and, though it was wearing a leash, no one was holding it. Princess had been a member of the Pickard family since she was a puppy and had accompanied them to parades and soccer games all her life, the family said, and they had never seen a dog act aggressively toward the friendly little Pomeranian.

Kristina Sanders, who witnessed the entire incident, told KRQE News 13 that it was, “Extremely horrifying just to see her, it happened right in front of me…it was just very gruesome.”

“My children are permanently scarred,” Lisa Pickard said, adding that the attack has been hardest on her 9-year-old daughter. “She was screaming, ‘I’m not coming back to these soccer fields again, I’m not going to my game,’” Pickard told KRQE News 13.

On Monday, May 21, a judge released the pit bull back to its owner. The owner has received citations for running at large and vicious animal, according to the report.Lisa Pickard said she was shocked to hear that the pit bull was back with its family, and that she believed there should be harsher punishments imposed on dog owners in cases like this.

While she said she is grateful that the dog did not attack one of her children, she says the pit bull may attack again if given the opportunity. “It’s done it once, what makes it not want to do it again?” “And hopefully next time it wouldn’t be a human or a child.” She vowed she will fight in court to have the Pit Bull euthanized, KRQE News 13 reported.



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