Pit Bulls Brutally Maul Woman on Beacon Hill, 3 Good Samaritans Rescue Her


A Renton man and two other Good Samaritans jumped in to help a 28-year-old woman being attacked by two aggressive Pit Bulls on Beacon Hill in South Seattle, WA, on Wednesday. The woman suffered multiple bite wounds, including one to her  head, the Seattle Times reports. 

The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center in serious condition, according to Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore.

The attack occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. on South Cloverdale Street and Beacon Avenue South. 

Witnesses told KOMO News that the two dogs were running loose and bothering a woman waiting for a bus, but at first they seemed friendly and not aggressive. Then suddenly they launched into a full-blown attack on her.

Katie Banahan, who was one of the people who attempted to rescue the woman, described how one of the dogs got a hold of the victim’s arm and the other grabbed her clothing, and they pulled her down to the ground.

“At that point, one of them grabbed onto her skull and pulled a large quantity of her hair,” Banahan told KTVU News reporters.

Stephen Pellegrini, a 52-year-old Renton man told the Times he was driving near Boeing Field when he saw the two dogs mauling a petite woman.

"The screams were horrific," said Pellegrini, who stopped his car and got out and fought off the dogs as the victim struggled on the ground.

“The female was rolling around and covered in blood,” said Pellegrini.  He also told the Seattle Times that several people were standing around watching the attack without offering to help.

Pellegrini said he yelled at one of the dogs and then punched it in the face and kicked it and the dog retreated.

He said the second dog then came at him, and he picked the animal up by its ears. The dog bit him in the stomach before he threw it as far as he could across the street, he said.

At that time, Chad Smithson pulled up in his car and screamed, “Get her in the car…Get her in the car now!'  That was the only way we were going to be able to stop the dogs from attacking her, Smithson told KOMO News.

Witnesses said three people were covered in blood after the attack was stopped. 

Two of the Good Samaritans were treated by emergency medical responders: the woman who sustained a dog bite in trying to help and Stephen Pellegrini, who said he has several medical issues, including heart problems, and that the incident sent his heart racing.  

Seattle police officers responded to a 911 call by a witness and were able to capture the animals.  The dogs were turned over to Seattle Animal Control, where they will be quarantined and monitored as an investigation is conducted, police said.

Sources: Seattle Times, (2), KTVU, KOMO


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