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Pit Bulls’ Bodies Found Near Elementary School in Muskegon, MI

Dumping badly injured or dead pit bulls is common for dog fighters who do not want to be identified but must rid themselves of animals that bare the horrific wounds of a lost battle in a bloody, inescapable pit.

We must never forget and never forgive that dog fighting has other victims than just the dogs—those who find these dead and dying dumped animals also do not deserve the pain they experience.

Because of their compassion for the dog’s suffering and their anger toward the person who raised or obtained it only to betray its trust—those who find the wounded and dying dogs agonize forever over the senseless cruelty and the gruesome images and memories etched in their minds and hearts.

An example of this just occurred in Muskegon County, Michigan, where Joe and Gail Weaver found two dead pit bulls on the side of the road—bloody and frozen. The dogs were discovered with apparent bite wounds to their faces, on Hyde Park Road, near McMillan Elementary School on Sunday afternoon, reports WZZM.13.

Joe Weaver removed the covers on the side of a frozen road to show the two pit bulls, and, after warning that some WZZM 13 viewers might want—or need--to look away, he said,” Looks like something just ripped their face right off, their teeth, they were definitely fought."

"No tracks were here so they just kind of got dumped from the road like a piece of garbage," Joe Weaver said.

"I'm so sad people would do that to an animal, just so sad, I cried all night" says the still tearful and grieving Gail Weaver, Joe's wife.

Weaver posted the pictures on Facebook, which were shared by others dozens of times, hoping to link the dogs to the abysmal person who could cause and enjoy this carnage.

Muskegon County animal control took the two pit bulls to a local veterinarian to examine the bodies, indicating that the lack of microchips makes it almost impossible to link them to an owner. The examination is expected to take a couple of days.

The Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office is involved in the investigation. Muskegon County Sheriff's deputies were also contacted concerning the gruesome discovery and sent an officer to the scene.

The exact location where the dogs’ bodies were found is near Hyde Park and McMillan roads in Fruitland Township. This is near McMillan Elementary School in the Reeth-Puffer school district, according to Lt. Shane Brown.


Michele Barnes of the non-profit Michele’s Rescue has also become involved in the case, working with the citizens who found the animals and trying to generate information for police. She placed seven photographs of the dogs on her Facebook page so those with information can contact authorities.

“Not much doubt about it; it was dog fighting,” Michelle Barnes states, “It is a major problem in Muskegon County. All they had to do was let the dogs go.”

But the dead animals…have galvanized those reading about the discovery on Facebook.

Michele’s Rescue put up the first $100 in reward money leading to those responsible for the dog deaths and discarding them along the side of the road. By mid-day Monday, the reward funds had reached more than $600

“Make the dog fighters pay!” Michele’s page is entitled. “Reward for Information!"


Also, Up to a $5,000 reward is offered by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in illegal animal fighting. Call 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787). Callers’ identities are protected.

Source:, WZZM


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