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Pit Bulls Attack Vietnam Veteran Bob Hedges, Face Described as 'Patchwork of Wounds, Stitches, and Bruises'

Bob Hedges of White Center, Wash., looks like he has been beaten by a gang of thugs swinging chains. But, the patchwork of stitches, open wounds and dark bruises on his face are actually the results of an attack by three aggressive dogs: two pit bulls and an American terrier, reports KIRO.

"I've never had anything like this happen to me in my life," said the burly Vietnam war veteran through heavy bandages. "Neither man nor beast has ever torn me down like this."

On Tuesday night, Hedges said he was confronted by the three dogs — which he has never seen before in his neighborhood — while he was walking near his White Center home. White Center is between Seattle and Burien in Kings County.

"I heard the growls, turned around and there they were, snapping at me," he said.

Hedges, 66, squinting his swollen, wounded eyes, told KIRO, “I grabbed my knife. I knew there was going to be a battle."

He said the dogs bit him on the arms and legs and one of them pulled him backwards. They viciously tore skin away from his face and neck. He was bleeding badly.

"I kept fighting with my knife," Hedges said. "I was trained in Vietnam. Never give up, fight for your life. I cut and slashed the most aggressive dog, and it bled out before I did."

Hedges' friend Tom Pompeo grabbed a hammer and slammed it into the head of one of the attacking dogs.

"I hit that thing with everything I own," Pompeo told KIRO. It just made him madder he kept coming."

Hedges has more stitches than he can count along with several open wounds that will be stitched shut when the swelling subsides.

He told reporters he has a “forgiving heart” and will not hold a personal grudge against the dogs' owner.

"I can't be angry, life is too short for that," he said." But if you have a weapon, a gun something that can hurt someone, you take care of it you lock it up. I think the law should force the same for anyone with dangerous animals."

Investigators say the dog Hedges cut with his knife was bleeding so profusely that it had to be euthanized. The two remaining dogs were tracked by their bloody footprints and are in custody of King County Animal Control, according to KIRO.

It is unlikely that the dogs' owner will be charged because the dogs dug their way out of a secure, locked pen. However, the two remaining dogs could be euthanized or ordered out of the county, officials say.

Source: KiroTV


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