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Pit Bulls Attack Owner in California, “It Looked like His Face Had Been Ripped Off”

A 53-year-old man is stll hospitalized in critical condition after an attack by at least two of his Pit Bulls he maintained at his Lake Elsinore home. (Lake Elsinore is in Riverside County, in Southern California.)

NBCLA News reported that there a total of six Pit Bulls on the property when the attack took place, but it is not yet known how many were actually involved in the bloody mauling.

A roommate of the victim told reporters that two of the dogs got into an altercation with each other—an adult and one puppy--and the victim came out to try to break up the fight between the two dogs after the puppy got hurt.

The witness said the adult Pit Bull continued to jump up and try to get at the puppy and the victim “swung” at him. When he did that, the Pit Bull “took him down.”

At that time, some or all of the six Pit Bulls began to attack the owner so viciously that another witness said, “He looked like his face had been ripped off.”

Another said that there were pieces of the owner’s flesh scattered all over the yard.

A neighbor, Ross Papish, saw the attack happening and drove his van over to the fence and rammed through it, hitting one of the dogs and scaring the others away from the victim.

Papish is being called a “hero” for saving the man’s life—especialy by his son, who told NBC4, “My dad is epic! He saved someone’s life.”

The attack occurred around 4:15 p.m. on Honey Lane, just east of Interstate 15 and north of Central Avenue in unincorporated Lake Elsinore, according to Riverside County Animal Services.

The victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition, said Animal Control Officer Christina Avila.

.Riverside County Animal Services impounded all six of the dogs--four adults and two puppies. None of the dogs is spayed or neutered nor were they licensed, all of which is required by a recent Riverside County law.

Two Pit bulls, one named "Bolt" and another "Goliath," have been signed over for humane euthanasia, according to John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services. The fate of the two puppies, along with the other dogs, is yet undecided.

All that is known at this time is that apparently the victim was trying to break up a fight between two male Pit Bulls. and the investigation is ongoing.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, Patch


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