Pit Bull Who Refused To Leave Owner During Fire Sent To Animal Shelter (Video)

A loyal dog that would not leave her injured owner during a fire was sent to an animal shelter because of the county’s ban on pit bulls (video below).

The fire broke out in a Maryland home on Dec. 2, NBC 4 reported. The pit bull, named Precious, was seen standing over her owner, April Newell, as firefighters arrived at the scene.

The firefighters worked to extinguish the fire, and then attempted to get the woman, who was injured in the fire. They tried to lure Precious away from her, but the dog wouldn’t budge and acted aggressively whenever they approached, according to reports.

“She’s always been like that,” Newell told CBS Baltimore.

Firefighters then used a powder fire extinguisher on the dog to give them enough time to put Newell on a stretcher. Newell and her father, who was also injured in the fire, were taken to a nearby hospital, and are both in stable condition.

Meanwhile, Precious and her puppy, Molly, were sent to Prince George’s County animal shelter. Officials said the dogs won’t be put down, but the owners will not get them back because pit bulls are illegal in the county.

“It's sad,” the owner’s son told NBC 4. “I love that dog.”

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Newell also had the option of sending the dogs to live with family outside of the county. On Dec. 3, Newell's sister, Megan Sanchez, took Precious and Molly. Sanchez lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, which does not have the ban.

"I'm glad they survived," Sanchez said. "We're animal people."

Another dog and two turtles were also safely removed from the home and taken by animal control officers.

Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the blaze. They believe it started in a bedroom, and said there were no working smoke detectors.

Sources: NBC 4, CBS Baltimore / Photo Credit: NBC 4

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