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Pit Bull Left Chained To Fence With 'Free' Sign Is Reunited With Owners

A pit bull in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been reunited with his family after he was found chained to a fence accompanied by a note that read, “Free Dog Please Take.”

The dog was found chained to the fence with no water earlier this month, WNEP reported. His name is Cesar and he was taken in by Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Lackawanna County. 

Because of how he was found, workers at the shelter thought he was likely abandoned, but that turned out not to be case. 

Sandy Scala, who works at Griffin Pond, recently told The Dodo that Cesar had not been abused and liked playing with staff at the shelter. 

“He was in really good condition and was so sweet,” Scala said. “He just wants attention and to be petted. He had no idea how to play with toys.”

Scala said Cesar’s owners got in touch with the shelter after friends saw him on the news. 

She said they told her Cesar had escaped when the family’s kids were playing with him and accidentally let him get away. The family reportedly added that, because neighbors were aware Cesar had gotten out and he was wearing a collar, they assumed he would eventually make his way back home and that it hadn’t occurred to them to check with local shelters. 

Scala said she was happy to reunite Cesar with his owners. He has since been microchipped, The Dodo reports. 

Scala added that she sent him off with some friendly advice for the younger members of the family. 

“I told the kids, 'You've got to make sure the dog isn't by the door when you open it,’” she said.  “I try to remind all families of that. Most [dogs] don't get that happy ending.”

Authorities told WNEP that the person who chained Cesar to the fence would likely face charges if caught. 

Sources: WNEP News, The Dodo

Photo credit: Sandy Scala via The Dodo


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