Pit Bull Viciously Attacks, Rips Off Cocker Spaniel's Ear As Owner Watches (Photos)


A Cocker Spaniel’s ear was mercilessly ripped off by a Pit Bull while the little dog screamed in pain in front of a preparatory school, terrifying locals and sparking new fears it could attack a child.

Niki Richards was walking Dudley, her Cocker Spaniel, close to her home when the incident occurred on Wednesday, the Wandsworth Guardian reports.

During the attack the Staffordshire locked its jaws on the spaniel’s ear and the little dog’s yelps and screams were so loud teachers at nearby Thomas’s Battersea School thought it was a child in danger.

Mrs Richards said there were three men sitting outside Lindsey Court, Battersea Square, where the Pit Bull was seen roaming. After the Pit Bull latched onto Dudley, eventually the owner ran over and hit it on the head repeatedly, which caused the dog to release Dudley.

The four-year-old Cocker was rushed to the Medivet, where vets stitched the ear back together and said he was lucky to be alive.

Mrs Richards, a psychologist, is now attempting to prosecute the owner through the help of Wandsworth Council, as it was not on a lead. However, there is no law against dog on dog attacks under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, which only prosecutes owners if their dog attacks a person, the Guardian reports.

Mrs Richards said: “It is unbearable to think about what could have happened. “I felt helpless, “I threw my bag at the dog and couldn’t let go of Dudley’s lead. But I felt as though the attack would never end.”

“No animal or human should be subjected to this and I want this dog found so that he does not go onto attack again--God forbid if it is a child next time. I don’t just blame the dog, but the owner too.”

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Source: Wandsworth Guardian


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