Pit Bull: Toddler Survives Attack by Family Dog, Father Bit in Face As He Rescues Child


A family dog, described as a “large, adult male Pit Bull” attacked a 2-year-old girl at a home in the 1100 block of Olympic Street in Springfield, Oregon, around 6 o'clock on Sunday night, according to KVAL News.

The dog also bit the girl’s 28-year-old father in the face when he attempted to rescue her, police say. He was transported to a local hospital, where stitches were required to close his wounds.

The child was taken to McKenzie-Willamette Hospital by emergency responders. Later reports indicate that the little victim was then airlifted to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland in critical condition.

The child required surgery and is now described as in stable condition, reports the Register-Guard.

According to Springfield Police officials a second dog—identified as a male Labrador-Collie mix--was present when the attack occurred. It was growling and nipping at the child but did not bite the girl or her father.

Officials have announced that both dogs were euthanized on Tuesday at the request of the owner, who is the mother of the father’s girlfriend, according to the Register-Guard.

A sign mounted on the house when the attack occurred read, “Warning! Security Dog.” KOIN.com reported.

Source: Register Guard, KVAL, KEZI, KOIN


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