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Pit Bull Stabbed by Owner Attacks 3 People in Lancaster, CA, Home, Shot by Deputy

A man who was visiting a home in Lancaster, California, on Monday morning, stabbed his Pit Bull with a kitchen knife and set off a bloody chain reaction in which three adults in the home were injured by the dog. Officers said the dog owner was drunk at the time.

The “massacre,” as it was called by witnesses, ended when Sheriff’s deputies responding to the chaotic scene shot and killed the Pit Bull.

The injured dog had bitten a man in his 60s and a woman in her 20s and the dog owner. They were treated for puncture wounds and scratches at a hospital.

The Pit Bull appeared to have crushed the owner’s hand and the young girl said it has bitten all the way to the bone in her arm, although she was just an innocent bystander.

The incident occurred at a home in the 45000 block of Foxton Avenue, After the owner stabbed the animal, one of the homeowners, Caitlin Dixon entered the room and found the man and bloody dog, residents said. The Pit Bull lunged at her and locked onto her arm.

"He yanked me around, and I fell to the ground -- he had me the whole time," she said. Her husband, Ricardo Dixon, rushed into the room and repeatedly punched the dog to get him to release the young woman’s arm. He then hit the dog with a bat.

"I was just beating him over the head and back," said Ricardo Dixon, “I must have hit him at least 20 times with my fists and 10 times with the bat.”Then he lunged at me, and I hit him again, but I missed and cracked the tile on the floor, he showed NBC4 News reporters.

"It looked like a massacre in here,” Ricardo said.

Deputies who arrived at the bloody scene first attempted to use non-lethal rounds on the Pit Bull, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. They managed to chase it into a bathroom to contain it, but it charged the officers and they opened fire, killing the dog, according to the department.

There was no explanation of why the owner stabbed the dog. The Sheriff’s Department will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether charges should be filed against the dog owner.

Source: NBC LA


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