Pit Bull Shot in Head While Trying To Protect Owner


A 12-year-old pit bull named “Kilo” survived after taking a bullet for his owner, Justin Becker.

Becker told CBS New York: “He’s a hero. He saved my life. He went to protect me and he did his job."

On Saturday evening, at Becker’s apartment house in Staten Island, a gunman posing as a FedEx deliveryman, wearing a uniform, rang the bell and claimed he had a package.

Becker said: “He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun is push him out, so I pushed him to the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged right by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was stuck and tried to get out now because he was getting crushed."

"Now Kilo came out to protect me. Grrr, he tried to come through the door at the guy, his head was out. Grrr, then I heard the guy, three gunshots.”

One of the shots hit the dog in the head, but Kilo was up and around Wednesday, going for walks just three days after being shot.


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