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Pit Bull Severs 5-Year-Old Boy’s Genitals In Attack In New York

A pit bull attacked a young boy in a Yonkers, N.Y., residence leaving the boy with a severed penis and other wounds.

The Inquisitr reports that the 5-year-old boy was visiting his aunt when he tried to climb onto the bed with the 6-year-old pit bull when the dog snapped and attacked. The boy’s aunt heard barking and screaming and rushed in to find the boy bloodied and with his penis severed. He was rushed to local hospitals where his penis was reattached and his wounds were attended to.

The mauling happened earlier this month inside an apartment, according to police, News 12 reported. The station also noted that it obtained the pet policy for the Yonkers Housing Authority and it clearly states that pit bulls are not allowed in the residences there. Only dogs of less than 25 pounds are allowed as pets.

Two weeks after the attack, which reportedly took place on Nov. 10, the boy remained hospitalized and the dog has been euthanized, according to The incident took place at the boy’s grandmother’s apartment. She and two others face criminal charges in connection with the attack.

Court documents indicate the young victim was repeatedly told not to go near the dog named “Momma” because she was dangerous, according to News 12. The boy’s mother also reportedly contacted the station and said her son is “fine.”

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