Pit Bull Savagely Mauls Deaf Woman, Shirley Sturgeon, 59, in Kentucky

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A two-year-old Pit Bull, named Rambo, attacked and viciously mauled a 59-year old deaf and mute woman in Cloverport, Kentucky, on August 25. The woman, who could not hear the dog coming or scream for help, was walking to her friend’s home on Cherry Lane to visit. 

“The dog was literally just eating the woman. He was not just biting her. He was tearing her meat off and swallowing it,” a witness told WDRB News.

The victim is identified as Shirley Sturgeon, 59, who is a resident in Breckinridge Manor, an assisted-living adult-care home because of her special needs, reports WDRB.com. After knocking her to the ground, the Pit Bull reportedly tore the flesh from her right arm and was dragging her across the ground.

Cloverport Chief of Police Jeff Hendrick said she will need a number of surgeries to try to save her right arm because of the severe damage done by the dog. Ms. Stugeon was airlifted to University of Louisville for treatment and remains there in fair condition.

Tony Simpson, who lives nearby and witnessed much of the attack said, "I've never. never seen nothing like that. The dog was literally just eating the woman. He was not just biting her. He was tearing her meat off and swallowing it,” he told WDRB News.

The Pit Bull has been impounded at the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter and is under quarantine for ten days to be sure it does not have rabies. Cloverport is a small city in Breckinridge County,Kentucky, located right on the banks of the Ohio River.  It is approximately 55 miles from Louisville, and 51 miles from Evansville, Indiana.

According to WDRB News, Stacey Lucas told them she heard groans and called for help for the victim.  Lucas said she told her fiancé, Tony Simpson, 'Honey. come up here, they got her down." Simpson came with a bat and his nephew brought a machete and they managed to scare the dog off—but most of Shirley Sturgeon’s right arm was missing.

According to another eye-witness news report, the Pit Bull was dragging the helpless woman by her right arm.

Animal Control Officer Tommy Matthews explained in the WDRB News report, "In this particular incident the owner has surrendered the dog to the shelter, and according to our policy we do not adopt or re-home animals that have bitten or attacked. So after those ten days the dog will most likely be euthanized."

Jimmy Sanders, who owns Rambo, is scheduled for hearing in court on September 4.  He said the dog was tethered and broke loose. Sanders  faces misdemeanor charges of harboring a vicious animal and permitting it to run at large.

He told WDRB, "I'm so sorry. I wish it wouldn't have happened. I've never had a dog do anything like that and I'll do anything I can to help her out."

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