Pit Bull Savagely Attacks Repairman and 80-Year-Old Father of Dog Owner in Riverside, Calif. (Video)


A 90-pound pit bull-mix savagely attacked two men on Friday in Riverside County, Calif., near Temecula, according to Riverside County Animal Services. This is reportedly the same dog who mauled another dog and injured his owner in November.

The first attack victim on Friday was an air conditioning repairman working at the house. The huge dog, described as a pit bull mixed with Mastiff, then turned on the dog owner's 80-year-old father, who was visiting the home. Both men were hospitalized.

The dog bit the elderly man so severely in his abdomen and on both arms that it punctured arteries. He also bit him on the back of his knees. Police said they found the man lying in the garage in a pool of blood.

A neighbor who heard the 80-year-old father crying for help called 911, but said he could not tell exactly where the man was and what had happened. When a sheriff’s deputy arrived, the pit bull came out of the garage and ran toward him aggressively, according to the report.

The deputy shot the dog twice but did not kill him. The pit bull fled the location, leaving a trail of blood. He was found at a nearby home in the 39000 block of Tangletree Way, deputies reported. He was then captured and impounded by Riverside County Animal Services, according to the Temecula Patch.

"Animal Services contacted the dog owner and the owner signed over the animal for humane euthanasia,” said Animal Services spokesman John Welsh.

The pit bull, named Stacks, was licensed but not neutered, Welsh confirmed.

This same pit bull had viciously mauled a neighbor’s golden Retriever in November. Fred Filgo, the retriever’s owner, was injured saving his dog’s life, he told KCAL9, as he hugged his sutured pet.

Sources: Patch


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