Pit Bull Rips Off Jimmy Rogers’ Nose As He Defends Girlfriend From Attack

Jimmy Rogers, 23, was relaxing on his front porch at 140 Brock Street in Oshawa, on Lake Ontario, Canada, with his girlfriend Sjaana Farrant, 23, when suddenly a Pit Bull belonging to his neighbor’s brother broke loose from the owner as he approached the porch. The Pit Bull, named Polo, reportedly lunged directly at Farrant and had its mouth around her head, according to the Toronto Sun.

Jimmy’s first instinct was to protect his girlfriend, so he grabbed the dog, but then it went straight for Rogers’ face, biting down on his nose and ripping the bridge away. Jimmy told the Toronto Sun, that he has no memory after that.

Rogers, an unemployed construction worker, is left with a gaping hole in his face. He told the Toronto Sun, 'I want justice. My nose has been ripped off and I don’t want this to happen to someone else.' Jimmy insists the unmuzzled 3-year-old male dog is a Pit Bull and American Bulldog mix.

Surgeons took a skin graft from Jimmy's leg to cover the open wound where his nose used to be, the Daily Mail reports. Parts of his nostrils have been saved, and “sort of” still there, he says. But the bridge of his nose was almost completely torn off. It will take many more operations to rebuild his nose using bone taken from his wrist, according to the report.

Jimmy has spoken out since he was released from the hospital on Wednesday about what he says is "lax enforcement of Ontario's ban on pit bulls." The law prohibits maintaining Pit Bulls and requires those “grandfathered in” before the legislation was enacted to be muzzled when in public. He says Oshawa should take the ban more seriously.

Ontario's laws ban pit bulls, which includes: Pit Bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American Pit Bull terriers, or 'a dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to any of those dogs'.

Bill Slute, animal services manager, stated that Polo was registered as an American Bulldog, according to the Daily Mail.

Animal services in Oshawa impounded the dog, but according to the local news service, it will be released within the week with only a muzzle order. Jimmy told the Toronto Sun the dog should be destroyed.

VIDEO: http://www.torontosun.com/2013/05/24/vicious-dog-claims-oshawa-mans-nose

Source: Toronto Sun, Daily Mail


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