Pit Bull Rescues His Owner From Catastrophic House Fire (Video)

An Ohio rescue dog saved his new owner from a major house fire in Mansfield Sunday night.

Jacob Martin was dead asleep when his pit bull Buddy began barking at the blaze.

A fire broke out in an empty property that Martin was renovating next door and quickly spun out of control.

Martin woke up with just enough time to escape the flames as they engulfed his home.

"The heat melted the door," he told Fox 8 Cleveland. "I actually burnt my hand trying to open the door."

Unfortunately, Martin doesn’t have rental insurance, but he’s “just glad to be alive.”

His only concern is that the fire will sack his finances and make it too difficult to care for his new pal.

"Buddy is the best dog I ever had," he said. "Great dog and good company."

An initial investigation of the fire found it wasn’t deliberately set, firefighters reported.

Sources: New York Daily News, Fox 8 Cleveland

Image screenshot: Fox 8 Cleveland


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