Pit Bull Recently Rescued from Dog Fighting Tasered by Police to Stop Attack on Dog


A Pittsburgh Police officer had to Taser a newly rescued Pit Bull when he attacked a man’s dog while he was out walking with him. The Pit Bull would not release his grip on the dog, they said.

The dog owner says he had just rescued the 4-year-old Pit Bull, Barco, who was reportedly used for dog fighting, according to CBSLocal.

As reporters talked to owner Don Hetzler, Barco sat calmly with blood on his chest and a prong from the Taser still lodged in his back.

Describing the incident, Hetzler said, “It started off friendly at first, and ended up because the other dog growled, from what police said, one growled at the other, and by him having a background [in dog fighting], that’s how it happened.”

Police say no humans were hurt during the attack, but police did have to intervene to get Barco off the other dog.

Friday morning, when he went to get his mail, Hetzler says Barco snuck through the door and got outside also, where he went after another large dog that was already outside and the two began to fight.

Barco had slipped through his legs unexpectedly, Hetzler said. “I had to run inside and get my clothes on because I was only out there in my skivvies.”

Barco then made it down the street and encountered a couple on a walk with their pit bull, where another fight began between the two.

Police were called, claiming the other owner had threatened to shoot Barco in the midst of the fight. Police finally had to use the Taser to break it up.

The other dog had some injuries to its face, but nothing life threatening, they said, and no charges were filed in the incident.

Hetzler told CBS that Barcp has never shown aggression while under his care.

“This dog couldn’t be more friendlier, affectionate, loyal,” he said. “This is a great dog.”

Source: CBS


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