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Pit Bull Rampage Seriously Injures 2 Chicago Children, Mauls Woman Trying to Help

A Black Pit Bull attacked 11-year- old Cirpriana Carranza, who has Asperger’s, while he was taking out the trash for his mother. The boy suffered bites on his mouth, nose, neck, shoulders, arms, and fingers.

“It was biting him everywhere, his nose, his stomach, hands, arms,” mom Daisy Carranza told The Daily News. “It was desperate to kill.”

Daisy ran out of her house in her slippers on Wednesday evening, grabbed the dog’s collar and pried its mouth away from her son, who was bleeding profusely.

The Pit Bull then ran down the street and jumped on 12-year-old Latara Scott who was walking with her family.

Both mothers describe serious wounds to their child faces. Daisy Carranza says she cannot stop hearing her child's screams.

Latara is still hospitalized. Latara Scott's mom, Willie Mae Jackson, told NBC Chicago.

"She has a hole up underneath of her chin, a cut beneath her lip ... a hole in the back side of her neck." She described her daughter's attack as something out of a movie, "He just went completely berserk."

Neighbors tried to come to Scott’s rescue, stabbing at the dog with kitchen knives. One of the women who came out to help became the pit bull’s next target.

Police arrived and shot the Pit Bull several times.

The Pit Bull was a female and belonged to a neighbor. “This dog was in such a rage,” Daisy said. “I could see the anger she had inside.”

The dog’s owner was cited for the attack. He was also cited for not having a dog license and for neglecting to give his do a rabies vaccination. Daisy said she remembers her neighbor joking about how his pit bull “hates kids.” “He lives alone,” Daisy said. “His dog was his love and his obsession.”

Cirpriano was up all night, shaking and trembling, his mother says. Daisy is worried that her son’s Asperger’s will complicate his recovery. “That’s what hurt me more,” she said. “I don’t know what the future is going to be for him.”

The women haven’t heard from the neighbor since the attack. “He hasn’t said anything to any of us,” Daisy said. “I just want him to say sorry, just for closure. And I want to ask him, ‘Where were you?’”

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