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Pit Bull on Rampage in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Kills Cat, Mauls 72-Year-Old Man

A 72-year-old man was taking his son's Pit Bull for a walk in Manhattan Beach, California, when the dog suddenly attacked him on Monday afternoon around 4:20 p.m. reports Stephanie Martin, spokesperson for the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

The elderly man was trying to extricate a cat from the dog’s mouth when the attack occurred, according to the report.

Manhattan Beach Police officers state that they responded to the 400 block of 30th Street regarding a call of a dog attacking a male adult.

The man had reportedly tried to intervene and free the cat from the dog and had suffered multiple puncture wounds to his left hand and scrapes and contusions on a lower leg, Manhattan Beach police said.

The man was covered in blood, holding onto the dog, which was also covered in blood. The cat lay dead in the street.

Officers tried to subdue the very aggressive Pit Bull with pepper spray, but it had no effect on the dog. They then used a Taser but that also proved ineffective.

The pit bull then broke loose and ran through the neighborhood, with officers in pursuit.

The officers feared the dog would attack children, adults or other animals, so when they caught up with him they used a Taser for a second time, which caused the dog’s death.

There is no report immediately available on the 77-year-old man’s condition.

Sources: SWRNN, Patch


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