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Pit Bull Owner Kimberly Vasquez Turns In Wrong Dog for Euthanasia After Attack on Child

A woman who pleaded guilty in September after her Pit Bull attacked a 5-year-old boy turned over a different dog to authorities for euthanasia, a Washington state judge has ruled.

Kimberly Vasquez, 40, was held in contempt of court on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

She had pleaded guilty to charges of a dangerous dog attack and forgery in September and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, according to KPTV News.

However, Vasquez’s sentence was delayed when allegations surfaced that the Pit Bull she surrendered to animal control for euthanasia was not Lexi, the dog responsible for the attack and ordered to be euthanized.

The case resulted from an incident in August of 2012 when Vasquez’s Pit Bull, Lexi, attacked a 5-year-old boy, leaving a gruesome, gaping wound on his leg.

Vasquez, 40, told Fox 12 at that time that Lexi was often taunted and teased by the neighborhood kids and that the Pit Bull had acted out of fear, not aggression, when she bit the boy.

“I had asked the kid three times not to ride his bike by the dog because I know how she is,” Vasquez said.

She later added, “I’m very sorry about the kid, I really am. You have no idea how bad I feel.”

However, she did not feel bad enough to turn over Lexi to authorities for a quarantine period; thus, the child had to be given rabies shots, KPTV reported.

According to court documents, from Aug. 26 to Sept. 5, 2012, animal control officers made multiple attempts to take custody of the dog for a 10-day quarantine period for rabies observation.

Police said on Aug. 28 that Vasquez had provided a falsified document to animal control as a supposed copy of Lexi’s rabies certification. When officers checked with the Vancouver Animal Hospital listed on the certificate, they discovered the document was false.

The doctor listed on the form had never been a veterinarian at the hospital and there were no records of the client or the dog in the hospital’s database. Even the phone number for the clinic was incorrect, according to police records.


A probable-cause document from 2012 said Vasquez had “hidden the dog.” And, in fact, Vasquez told Fox 12 in August of 2012 that her son hid the dog.

“I honestly don’t want to know where she is,” she said.

The judge ruled Tuesday that the Pit Bull that was eventually turned over is actually a “decoy.” The judge held Vasquez in contempt of court and ordered her to remain in jail until she surrenders the correct dog to authorities.

Vasquez’s original jail sentence won't begin until she is no longer in contempt of court, the judge stated. No details regarding where she obtained the second dog were available.

Source: KPTV


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