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Pit Bull Owner Charged with Negligible Manslaughter After His Roaming Dogs Kill Man

A Mississippi man, David Glass, Sr.,  is dead after being savagely mauled by three Pit Bulls over the weekend in Benton County, WMCAC Action News reports.

The tragic attack occurred on Saturday morning at about 1 a.m. at the intersection of Sexton Road and Highway 7 in Lamar, The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports.

A passing driver discovered  Glass, Sr., about four hours later, lying in a ditch by his house. His entire body was covered with bite wounds inflicted during the attack.

The victim was able to share the details regarding what happened with Sheriff Arnie McMullen before he died Sunday afternoon in the Memphis hospital where he had been flown.  

Glass' children were still in shock about the news on Monday, with his daughter, Marietta, lamenting, "It hadn't really just set in that my dad's gone and I'll never, never get a chance to talk to him again," she told reporters.

David Glass, Jr., drove from Starkville, Mississippi. to be with his father after he was flown to  the Memphis Hospital. His family thought he would pull through, but the attack was too much, his son told WMCACtion  News.

Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson knew Glass Sr. and said he was very active at two churches in the community, Hudsonville Church and Sand Hill Church.

"I feel like I am a better man for having known him," Dickerson said.

"It's going to be hard, but he loved us all, we know that, it's just he [is] gone too soon, his son, David Glass, Jr., said.

The unrestrained dogs, owned by Eric Hodges, were outside when the incident occurred, CDispatch News reported. 

Investigators seized three pit bulls that were running loose and  later returned for three more that were tied up.

Hodges is charged with culpable negligent manslaughter. He was released on a $25,000 bond. He had no comment Monday morning, WMCAC News had to move on.

The dogs are in Marshall County animal shelter and could be euthanized if tests confirm they were involved in the attack.

The Sheriff commented that, as a result of David Glass’ death, the county would be likely to try passing a new ordinance for some type of animal control law.

Sources: WMAC,CDispatch


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