Pit Bull Ordered to Attack Texas Police Officer While Owner Assaults Woman

A Lubbock police officer is recovering after being attacked by a Pit Bull early Thursday morning.

Multiple callers to police about 4:00 a.m. reported that a man was assaulting a woman at Garden Apartments at 1340 65th Drive.

When the officers arrived they observed a male who identified himself as William Fields, 19, pushing a female, Brandy Gibbs, 23.

When officers attempted to separate Fields and Gibbs, the say that Fields commanded his dog--a female Pit Bull--to attack one of the officers.

The Pit Bull bit the officer on the back of the thigh while Fields began fighting and struggling with the officers in an attempt to gain possession of their weapons.

While officers were attempting to gain control of Fields, Brandy Gibbs tried to prevent officers from handcuffing Fields, reports KTRE.

The officers called for backup and both William Fields and Brandy Gibbs were taken into custody when more officers arrived at the scene.

A packet of synthetic marijuana was found in Fields’ possession, the Lubbock police report states.

Both the officer and Fields were treated for their injuries at University Medical Center and then released.

Fields is facing numerous charges including aggravated assault on an officer, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and taking a weapon from an officer.

Brandy Gibbs is facing a charge of interference with a public servant.

The Pit Bull is in custody at Lubbock Animal Control.

Source: KTRE


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