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Pit Bull Mauls Owner’s Mother: Can Spay/Neuter Prevent Violent Attacks?

Neighbors in Houma, Louisiana, called 911 on Monday night to report “Ms. Evelyn” was being attacked by a dog inside her son’s home at 1200 Ellender Street.  An unneutered male Pit Bull-mix mauled the 71-year-old and left her with severe lacerations, The Inquisitr reports.   

The dog reportedly turned on the elderly woman while her son was away at work, according to the Inquisitr.  She had numerous wounds on her hands, arms and body and a large gash on her face.

Officers say the scene was “horrific” when they arrived.

Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis announced in a statement that, “The victim was transported to Leonard Chabert Medical Center for treatment and remains hospitalized.”

Officials at the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter, where the dogs were impounded, told Eyewitness 4 they believe recent dog attacks in Houman could have been prevented if the dogs were spayed or neutered.

Valerie Robinson, manager at Terrebonne Animal Shelters, told the Inquisitr it is possible that Apollo went on the sudden violent rampage because the elderly woman seemed like an obstacle to the female with whom he instinctively wanted to breed.

“It is so incredibly important to spay and neuter your animals. Spaying and neutering animals can helpprevent temperament issues,” Robinson added.

 Chief Duplantis said he realizes that’s just one possibility.  

Police told WWLTV Eyewitness News they have not yet talked to the victim's son and, so far, no charges have been filed.

Since the last fatal attack in March, Terrebonne Parish increased the fines and penalties for dangerous and vicious dog violations.

Family’s 'Monster' Pit Bull Kills 4-Year-Old Mia Derouen

Little Mia Derouen in Houma Parish, Louisiana, was killed on Tuesday night (March 26)  by her family’s 2-year-old unneutered  male Pit Bull as she watched TV, despite her mother’s frantic efforts to drag away the dog.

Mia, who would have celebrated her fifth birthday next week, suffered severe facial, body and head injuries from Tuesday night’s attack in a scene described by Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis as “horrific” and shocking.

The attack happened just after 7 p.m. at Houma Highlands, 461 S. Hollywood Road, Chief Duplantis said. Neighbors called police after hearing screams, according to Houma Today.

The mother, Megan Touchet, 27, identified by police as the dog's owner, reportedly pulled the child away from the dog and barricaded herself and her daughter inside a bedroom as the huge Pit Bull attacked the door.

She was screaming for help and….- See more at:

Sources: Inquistr,WWLTV

[Photo Credit: Screen Shot/Eyewitness 4 News]


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