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Pit Bull Mauls Mother Lisa Manis and Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

On Friday afternoon, around 2:00 p.m. Lisa Manis, 36, of Bristol, Virginia, and her six-year-old daughter took a Pit Bull, which was staying with a neighbor, for a walk in at Moore Street park. While the little girl was on the swing set, the Pit Bull suddenly attacked her, latching onto her leg. The mother rushed to protect her child and was herself savagely mauled, WJLH reports.

A witness called the attack on the woman “relentless.” She said she saw Manis rolling around in the dirt trying to fight off the dog and covered in blood.

Alarmingly, police said this is not the first time this male Pit Bull has bitten a child, according to the report.

WJLH provided the full news release on the attack:

"Bristol, Virginia, police are investigating what was reported as a "vicious" dog attack which occurred around 2:00 p.m. today at Moore Street Park, which is located at the corner of Moore Street and Edmond Street. Two people were severely injured during the attack.

“Investigation has revealed that 36-year-old Lisa Manis of Bristol, Virginia, and her 6-year-old daughter had gone to (a neighboring apartment) where the resident was keeping a male pit bull dog for the owners (Adam Geiger and Stephanie Worley of Bristol, Tennessee). Manis reportedly asked to take the dog for a walk. Apparently Manis and the young girl took the dog to the park.

“While the child was playing on a swingset, the dog apparently attacked her, grabbing and causing puncture wounds to her leg. Lisa Manis started trying to get the dog off of the girl, who ran for help as the dog turned on Manis. The pit bull kept on biting and tearing at Manis until it was finally warded off by another subject who began striking the dog with an umbrella.

“The dog was captured and was taken into custody by the BVPD Animal Control Officer, Deena Bouton.

“Lisa Manis and her daughter were both transported to Bristol Regional Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

“The dog's owners were contacted and, while being interviewed, decided and gave consent to have the animal euthanized immediately, due to it being vicious. It was also revealed that the dog had recently bitten another child in Sullivan County, Tennessee."

Witness Brenda Otis, who lives adjacent to the playground area of Moore Street park told reporter Kevin Castle of the Herald Courier that the attack by the Pit Bull was “relentless.” "We were just helpless as this dog would not let go,” she said, until two bystanders finally were able to beat the dog off with an umbrella.

"We kept telling this poor woman that help was on the way, but she kept screaming, begging people to help her." Otis told the Herald Courier the woman [Lisa Manis] was covered in blood and the dog kept biting the victim in different parts of her body including between her thighs, near her face and her ankle.

The matter is under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time, according to the Bristol Virginia Police.


Sources: WJHL, Tricities


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