Pit Bull Mauls 3 Family Members in Rhode Island Home

A male Pit Bull, named Biz, “just adopted this week,” severely injured Tracy Cyler, her 19 year-old-daughter and her 18-year-old son in at attack at their home at 216 Sayles Street, Woonsocket, on Monday night, according to ABC6 News.

"He lunged at me and bit me," said Tracy Cyler, "Then I started screaming and my daughter came running…the dog turned around and she was screaming and he bit her.”

Biz then attacked Tracy Cyler's 18-year-old son. All three victimswere taken to the hospitalfor treatment of wounds,according to officials.

Cyler said "Biz" had begun fighting with one of her other pit bulls just before the incident occurred. When she tried to pull him off, he went into attack mode, she toldProvidence Journal. A family member who was not injured, told WLNE-TV her family had just adopted "Biz" this week.

"I've never ever been scared about dogs, ever, ever, no matter what breed it was--never," said Cyler, "He had that look about him. I knew something was wrong."

According toWoonsocket PoliceDet. Jamie Paone, policeofficers had to usea Taser electroshock weapon to subdue the Pit Bull and capture it.

Officer Doris Kay at Woonsocket Animal Control told ABC6.com that they really had no choice but to put "Biz" down. ““He's just not adoptable,” she said. He was brought to the shelter Monday night after viciously attacking three people.”

“We already have ten pit bulls at the shelter,” said Officer Kay. "Our job is to protect the safety of people first and in this case, with this dog, to protect the public in general.”





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