Pit Bull Lovers March After 3 Pit Bull Attacks on Same Day in Salinas, California

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About 40 Pit Bulls paraded down Main Street in Salinas, Calif., on Sunday, March 4, 2012, to show their” lovable side.”

The Pit Bull Walk was scheduled by Sav-A-Bull after three terrifying Pit Bull attacks occurred in Salinas before noon on one day.

"The breed is no more dangerous than any other big dog," claim Pit Bull defenders, who state their Sunday march through an area of heavy pedestrian traffic was to dispel myths construed by police and the media.

On February 25, starting at 5:30 a.m., police battled consecutive attacks in Salinas, a 23 square mile northern California city in Monterey County.

The first incident occurred on the 100 block of Maple street, where a vicious pit bull “was found on a front porch, blood dripping from its mouth,” after attacking another animal, according to the Monterey County Herald.

When officers arrived, the Pit Bull charged toward one of them, and a second officer, shot the dog in the shoulder, fearing for the officer's safety, Cmdr. Dave Crabill said. The Pit Bull was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

A witness reported the dog had attacked a cat, but that could not be verified because no injured or dead cat was found in the area, Commander Crabill stated.

Then about 7:40 a.m., a 57-year-old woman was walking with her poodle in the 200 block of Osage Drive when another aggressive pit bull ran through an open gate and attacked the little dog and the woman, police said.

The woman sustained numerous severe lacerations to her hands, face and scalp while attempting to protect her poodle from the assault by the Pit Bull. She was admitted to a local hospital for surgery to treat and close the lacerations.

The poodle was taken to a local veterinary hospital for treatment for bite wounds. The Pit Bull was quarantined at the Salinas Animal Shelter and the owner was notified, police reported.

One-half-hour after receiving a call at 11 a.m. about a loose pit bull on Pueblo Drive in North Salinas, a patrol officer witnessed two owners walking their dogs--a Chihuahua on a leash and a Pit Bull that was not--when the Pit Bull attack the little dog at Northgate Village on Cherokee Drive, according to a Salinas police spokesman.

The Chihuahua was taken to a pet hospital for treatment of punctures and lacerations. Fortunately, the elderly owner was not hurt. Commander Crabill said calls about pit bull attacks are common. SPCA spokesperson Brett Brookhouser said these and other attacks that grabbed the media's attention were a result of breeders.

"We have a lot of back yard breeders here who are breeding just to make a buck or breeding for aggression," she said.

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