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Pit Bull Leads Owner, Cara Jones, to Missing 89-Year-Old Woman in New Jersey Woods

A 2-year-old Pit Bull named “Creature” doesn’t really know she is a hero but she knows she's suddenly getting a lot of positive attention. Creature (pictured above with owner, Cara Jones) just wanted to tell her human “mom” that something was wrong when she began barking wildly to get Cara Jones’ attention last Thursday.

Somewhere in her basic canine instinct, Creature realized that a lost elderly woman nearby needed help and it was her job to get the message to someone who could provide it.

Cara says she let her black and white Pit Bull out to relieve herself at the end of William Street in Piscataway, N.J. on Thursday evening, when she heard unusual sounds coming from the adjacent wooded area, reports

“I kept hearing sticks breaking,” said Jones, 23, who works as a hairstylist in Bridgewater. “I thought it was a fox.” Suddenly Creature began barking wildly and looking back, “as if to try to get me to follow her.”

Cara Jones said she ran back into her house, grabbed a flashlight and cellphone and ran into the woods with Creature.

There, in the brush she spotted 89-year-old Carmen Mitchell, lying on the ground. “She was covered in mud and she was barefoot,” Jones said.

The 5-foot, 7-inch elderly woman was last seen hours earlier carrying her slippers near the Piscataway-Middlesex border, according to a report. Police said she had wandered from her family’s home in Piscataway earlier in the day.

“We had people all over the area,” said Capt. Kenneth Blair of the Piscataway Police Department. “We had fire units from every district; 10 police officers, state police helicopter, but he acknowledged that it was Creature who found the woman.

“But it was her dog who found her. The dog actually led (Jones) to the spot,” he said.

Emergency response workers arrived on the scene almost immediately after Cara Jones called to let them know that Creature had come to Carmen Mitchell’s rescue. “I’ve never seen police respond so fast,” she said.

Ms Mitchell was placed in an ambulance after being carried out of the woods on a stretcher and then taken to a local hospital for observation. The woman suffered slightly from hypothermia, said Capt. Blair, but otherwise appeared to be OK.

Jones told Friday morning she wanted the story about her dog to get out because it seemed the media had paid too much attention to the police helicopter that was used.

“Pit bulls never get any recognition for doing something good,” she said. “Here’s a chance to say something good about a pit bull.”


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