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Pit Bull Kills Small Dog In Front Of Horrified Owner (Video)

A pit bull in Los Angeles attacked and killed a small dog as its owner looked on, begging the animal to stop (video below).

The video was recorded by a man inside his vehicle from the across the street.

“Please get off her, leave her alone,” a woman shouts.

The pit bull is in the distance. The man recording the video zooms in on it, revealing that it has a small white dog underneath it.

The pit bull looks around, as people pass by the scene, and then appears to bite down on the other dog’s neck. The small dog becomes still and lifeless on the ground.

The woman whimpers in the background before a man yells, “No” off-camera.

Multiple people then shoo the pit bull away from the small dog's body.

The owner of the dog that was attacked then approaches her pet, crying.

“I love you,” she says, looking down at her now deceased dog.

The woman thanks the man who captured the attack on video, and then says she does not know what to do.

“Is there an owner to the other dog?” the man who shot the video asks the woman.

“I don’t know,” she responds.

A man who is comforting the woman says that the pit bull went down the street.

“Damn, this is crazy,” the cameraman says while still in his vehicle.

He thens drives away and tells a man on the street, who is next to a tent, that his pit bull just killed another dog.

“Serious? What color was the dog he killed?” the alleged owner of the pit bull asks.

The man does not admit that the pit bull is his dog, but the man in the car tells him that he needs to keep it on a leash.

There were two pit bulls without leashes on the street at the same time and the man who recorded the incident says that it could have been either one that attacked the dog. He then ends the video.

A separate incident in Riverside, California, involving a pit bull attacking a poodle, happened on the morning of Dec. 24.

A pit bull named Devo grabbed Spunky, a poodle, in its jaws, the Los Angeles Times reported. Devo’s owner, Carina Garcia, found the poodle’s owner, Rudy Jesus Barajas, and two neighbors trying to free the dog. While they did succeed, the poodle died soon after.

Barajas then carried Devo away and allegedly stabbed the dog and slashed its throat. The dog ran home and collapsed. It died on the way to a veterinary hospital.

Barajas was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

“We fully understand how upset someone can get when another person’s pet attacks their dog,” Riverside County Animal Services Director Robert Miller said in a news release. “But no one has the right to take matters into their own hands, as what is being alleged in this particular incident.”

WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes.

Sources: YouTube, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit: This Year's Love/Flickr

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