Pit Bull Kills Nellie Davis after Heart Transplant, OK Legislator Wants Tough Laws

Nellie Davis, 60, had moved into her granddaughter’s apartment to continue her recovery from a heart transplant, only to be mauled to death by one of the granddaughter’s Pit Bulls on Wednesday, September 25, reports wtvr.com

The attack took place at an apartment complex near N.W. 122nd St. and Penn. Ave. in Oklahoma City.

The victim’s granddaughter came home to find the Pit Bull had broken out of its kennel and brutally mauled Nellie Davis to death. “You have to understand, the scene was quite gruesome, Oklahoma City Police Captain Dexter Nelson told reporters. “The lady died a horrific death.”

Nellie’s husband, Cleveland Davis, said, “She had a long illness, from Mother’s Day until a month ago, and finally she had a chance to come home. “You know I have a heavy heart. She’s always been there for me.”

The granddaughter said that the Pit Bull had problems with thunderstorms, and the weather on Wednesday night may have caused it to turn vicious and kill her grandmother.

Police officers who responded to the grisly scene struggled with the out-of-control dog and were afraid they could not keep it within the apartment complex, reports the Daily Mail.

'The dog had broken the door so they couldn't contain him to the kennel. They tried to wedge things in the door to keep the dog in,” Captain Nelson told kfor.com.

Captain Nelson said the Pit Bull tried to attack medical responders and would not allow them to approach Ms. Davis’ body. Police officers were also fearful the dog would attack while they were trying to conduct an investigation of the scene, so they were forced to shoot and kill it.


On September 29, Oklahoma State Representative Paul Wesselhoft announced that he wants to see a law passed that imposes tougher punishments for pit bull owners, after this week's deadly dog attack on Nellie Davis.. However, he fears it may take another death to get other lawmakers on board. 
"It's a flawed animal," Wesselhoft told OKCFox, after being shown the story of Cecil Elliott, a pit bull attack victim who talked about the attack on him by a Pit Bull and the deadly mauling that killed Nellie Davis.

Cecil Elliott thinks there should be a law that would impose tougher punishments on pit bull owners if their dogs run loose. "I think that you have a right to own a pit bull dog, I'm not saying that you don't, but the dog has a propensity to be more aggressive by nature," said Elliott.

Representative Wesselhoft, who serves on the Conference Committee on Public Safety, said he is inspired to draft legislation within the next few months. He does not want to ban pit bulls. Instead, he's looking into increasing penalties against dog owners if their pet bites someone.

"It's pretty tragic that we have to wait until people are killed," he told OKCFox. "Maybe it will take another couple of deaths. Maybe another child has to lose their life. It's unfortunate but sometimes legislation is driven by tragedy," he lamented.

Cecil Elliott described the on-going tragedy for survivors of Pit Bull attacks, "If you've ever been attacked by a pit bull, those memories are still there,” he said sadly.






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